iStOMPS at Conferences

DoSChem Symposium 2023

In July, Lorenz and Rahul represented iStOMPS on the 3rd International Student Symposium of the Doctoral School in Chemistry, that took place in Vienna.
As a major event of the year the DoSChem symposium gathers students and faculty from different fields in Chemistry, allowing the students to present their research and to interact and exchange on all levels.

On this event, Lorenz gave a talk about “Particle-In-Cell Simulations for Magneto-Only Optical Spectroscopy”, in which he explained the numerical simulations within the iStOMPS project and its implications from a chemical perspective. Moreover, he outlined the possible applications and the impact for spectroscopy.
Rahul on the other hand, presented a poster “Computing Energies with Minimal Effort (for the computer)“, in which he presented a scheme for computing accurate energies for Eu3+ ion efficiently. The new method is based on selecting only the states that couple with each other for a perturbation theory treatment.