iStOMPS at Conferences

AttoChem Young Scientist Symposium 2023

From 13.09.2023 to 15.09.2023, Liza and Lorenz attended the AttoChem Young Scientist Symposium 2023, which was held in Vienna. The Symposium was organized by a team of scientists at TU Wien, including part of the iStOMPS team – Alessandra, Hongtao, and Liza. The very open and interactive format, including a panel discussion at the last day of the symposium, allowed us to catch a peek into the “Atto Universe”. Liza and Lorenz had the opportunity to show their work within iStOMPS in both flash presentations as well as individual posters:

Lorenz showed his most recent results from Finite-Differences Time-Domain (FDTD) simulations on his poster “Magnetic-only Optical Spectroscopy with Ultrafast Laser Pulses”.

Liza presented the experimental setups (for details see Subproject A, Subproject B) for magnetic-only optical spectroscopy on her poster “Generation of Isolated Strong Transient Magnetic Fields for Magneto-Optical Spectroscopy”.