iStOMPS at Conferences

58th Symposium of Theoretical Chemistry

From 18.9. to 22.9.2022, Lorenz, Rahul, and Sebastian visited the 58th Symposium of Theoretical Chemistry in Heidelberg in Germany. Lorenz presented particle-in-cell simulations of azimuthally polarized beams interacting with metal apertures to generate isolated, amplified magnetic fields. Rahul’s poster showed spin-orbit complete active space second-order perturbation theory computations of Eu3+ ions. Sebastian presented nonadiabatic dynamics simulations using the SHARC software package. We enjoyed very nice talks, poster discussions, hikes, and social get-together.


Edgar defends his PhD thesis

Today, Edgar Kaksis defended his thesis titled “Scaling of peak and average power in femtosecond ytterbium amplifiers” and obtained his PhD with distinction. Congratulations to Edgar!