1st ViRAPID Workshop 2024

From 26.02.2024 to 29.02.2024, Lorenz attended the 1st ViRAPID Workshop 2024, which was held in Vienna. The topic of this conference “Bringing together rare event sampling, excited state dynamics and machine learning“ and thereby aimed at uniting experts active and interested in the fields of rare event sampling, machine learning, and excited states.

Group picture of the attendees of the 1st ViRAPID Workshop 2024.

It was a great opportunity for Lorenz to see the current limitations in each of the fields and to participate at a dialogue about advancing and developing new ideas bridging the fields.

Lorenz explains details on the simulation setup on his poster.

In his poster contribution, Lorenz showed his recently published results from Finite-Differences Time-Domain (FDTD) simulations and explained the workflow to incorporate these simulations results to feed Molecular Dynamics software on his poster “Non-adiabatic Molecular Dynamics Coupled to External Electromagnetic Field Simulations”.

iStOMPS at Conferences

AttoChem Young Scientist Symposium 2023

From 13.09.2023 to 15.09.2023, Liza and Lorenz attended the AttoChem Young Scientist Symposium 2023, which was held in Vienna. The Symposium was organized by a team of scientists at TU Wien, including part of the iStOMPS team – Alessandra, Hongtao, and Liza. The very open and interactive format, including a panel discussion at the last day of the symposium, allowed us to catch a peek into the “Atto Universe”. Liza and Lorenz had the opportunity to show their work within iStOMPS in both flash presentations as well as individual posters:

Lorenz showed his most recent results from Finite-Differences Time-Domain (FDTD) simulations on his poster “Magnetic-only Optical Spectroscopy with Ultrafast Laser Pulses”.

Liza presented the experimental setups (for details see Subproject A, Subproject B) for magnetic-only optical spectroscopy on her poster “Generation of Isolated Strong Transient Magnetic Fields for Magneto-Optical Spectroscopy”.

iStOMPS at Conferences

DoSChem Symposium 2023

In July, Lorenz and Rahul represented iStOMPS on the 3rd International Student Symposium of the Doctoral School in Chemistry, that took place in Vienna.
As a major event of the year the DoSChem symposium gathers students and faculty from different fields in Chemistry, allowing the students to present their research and to interact and exchange on all levels.

On this event, Lorenz gave a talk about “Particle-In-Cell Simulations for Magneto-Only Optical Spectroscopy”, in which he explained the numerical simulations within the iStOMPS project and its implications from a chemical perspective. Moreover, he outlined the possible applications and the impact for spectroscopy.
Rahul on the other hand, presented a poster “Computing Energies with Minimal Effort (for the computer)“, in which he presented a scheme for computing accurate energies for Eu3+ ion efficiently. The new method is based on selecting only the states that couple with each other for a perturbation theory treatment.

iStOMPS at Conferences


From 5.3. to 10.3.2023, Lorenz attended the DPG Spring Meeting of the Atomic, Molecular, Quantum Optics and Photonics Section (SAMOP) which took place in Hannover in Germany. He presented a poster about simulations of magnetic field amplification and electric field suppression in ultrashort optical laser pulses.

Lorenz presenting his poster at the SAMOP23

In his poster, he explained the potential of differently shaped metal apertures to locally enhance the magnetic field while surpresssing the electric field. These findings deliver valuable information for the experimental realization of Sub-Project A. Next to the inspiring talks and poster presentations of an overall quite young scientific community he enjoyed the trip to the PTB Braunschweig very much.


iStOMPS goes Salamanca

From 7.2.2023 to 22.2.2023 I was performing a research stay in the group of our collaborator Prof. Carlos Hernández-García at the University of Salamanca (Spain). Together with Rodrigo Martín-Hernández, a PhD student of his photonics group, I was performing further scans for the magnetic field enhancement and electric field suppression of different aperture shapes. Besides science, I also had the opportunity to do little sightseeing tours in the marvellous city of Salamanca and try out my (basic) Spanish speaking skills.

Gracias por la agradable estancia a mis queridos colegas Carlos y Rodrigo y a iStOMPS!


f.l.t.r.: Rodrigo Martín-Hernández, Luis Plaja, Lorenz Grünewald, Carlos Hernández-García

Lorenz joins iStOMPS

Hi to the iStOMPS team!

My name is Lorenz Grünewald, and I have just finished my Master’s studies in Physics at the University of Innsbruck. In my Master thesis project I performed studies on the absorption behaviour of nitrate anions in the UV region both via experimental and theoretical approaches.

I am looking forward to investigating the exclusive influence of the magnetic component of electromagnetic light on light-matter interactions from a theoretical as well as experimental point of view (Check out Subproject A and Subproject C if you want more information).

: Lorenz joins iStOMPS