XUV Spectroscopy with Isolated Magnetic Fields from Laser Pulse Collision

Subproject B focusses on the experimental investigation of molecular magnetic dipole transitions probed by XUV spectroscopy. In contrast to subproject A, we aim at generating isolated magnetic fields via collision of two counterpropagating laser pulses, forming standing waves where the maxima of the magnetic field coincide with the nodes of the electric field. Within this experimental scheme we want to measure the response of lanthanide ions towards isolated magnetic fields in pump-probe transient XUV/X-ray absorption spectroscopy studies. In a later project stage, the spectroscopic studies will be extended to other target materials and to being time- and frequency-resolved, thus enabling access to exploring dynamics phenomena.

This subproject is located at the Photonics Institute, TU Wien, and is lead by Dr. Hongtao Hu.