iStOMPS goes (to the) wild (boars)

On July, 12th our team enjoyed a beautiful sunny summer day going hiking in one of the last pieces of the original Viennese Woods – that is the Lainzer Tiergarten (or Zoo), located on the outskirts of the city. Equipped with some good sandwiches and a lot of fun and joy, we made a “big round” in this special recreational area. Since Ale lives in Hütteldorf, as a local, she proposed the following route (highlighted below), entailing some nice panoramic view points, such as the “Hubertuswarte” (see first picture below) and the “Kaiserwiese” (second picture).

The Lainzer Zoo offers a unique natural landscape with a wealth of flora and fauna — e.g., there are generally lots of wild boars — as well as cultural-historical exhibitions in the Hermesvilla. In other words, it is a place that offers relaxation, experience in nature and education and, as you can judge from our smiles, our iStOMPS team enjoyed this excursion very much!

iStOMPS on top of the “Hubertus Warte”

Panoravic viewpoint of the “Kaiserwiese”


Ciao a tutti !

Herewith, I would like to say Hi to all the members of the iStOMPS consortium!

“Hello, I am iStOMPS!”

My name is Alessandra Bellissimo, and I am a postdoc in the Ultrafast Laser Group in the Institute of Photonics at TU Wien. Until now, I have mostly studied the fundamentals of the electronic response of materials. To this end, for several years already I have been performing “coincidence”-type spectroscopic experiments on solid surfaces, to investigate the elementary mechanisms of the emission of secondary electrons. In another project, I am pursuing the objective of studying the complex electron dynamics in metal surfaces, in particular focussing on the collective electronic response—so-called plasmon resonances. My latest project on these subjects is called “TRES-CHIC-ESt” standing for “Time-Resolved Electron Spectroscopy: a Challenging Highly Innovative Collective Excitation Study” (Grant Agreement No. 101022318). This project was funded by the European Commission as an Individual PostDoctoral Fellowship within the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions of the Horizon-2020 programme.

I am eagerly looking forward to bringing my scientific background and specialisation in various spectro-microscopy techniques into the consortium. Thank you for having me with you Liza, Sebastian, Lorenz, Hongtao, Lujia, and Rahul !!