iStOMPS at Conferences

DoSChem Retreat 2023

Lorenz, Rahul, and Sebastian visited the retreat of Panel A of the Vienna Doctoral School in Chemistry (DoSChem) from 20.3. to 22.3. held in Zeillern, where both Rahul and Lorenz presented their posters summarizing their latest works.

Rahul’s poster, ” Spin-Orbit Coupling in Europium (III) Ions Treated with Selective Quasi-Degenerate Perturbation Theory” explained a methodology to obtain accurate electronic energy levels for Eu3+ based on selecting specific spin-free states.

Lorenz’s poster, “Simulations of magnetic field enhancement and electric field suppression with nano-sized metal apertures”, showed how to enhance the magnetic part of electromagnetic radiation with the use of different apertures.

Along with the social activities, inspiring talks, and posters presented by all of the members of DoSChem and the invited speakers, the team enjoyed their visit to Zeillern.


Rahul joins iStOMPS

My name is Rahul Kumar Jingar, I finished my BS-MS studies in Chemistry and Physics at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune in 2021. During my Master’s studies, I worked on the prediction of magnetically induced current densities and molecular magnetic properties.

I am a part of Subproject C, where the main goal of my Ph.D. would be to develop accurate and computationally feasible methods for the prediction of magnetic dipole-allowed absorption and emission spectra of different target molecules.